Regarding the chorus in general
"The rich sound of blended male voices in 4 part harmony is stirring to the soul and the dedicated men in the acapella group, High Altitude Harmony demonstrate this with precision.
They are just your average blokes from all kinds of professions who love to sing but its the comeraderie and the genuine care for one another and the group as a whole that brings that soaring sound together.
If you are interested in being a part of a knit together community of men and you enjoy singing, go and have a listen on a Thursday night and meet them. You won't regret it.
And if you need a group to entertain at your event give them a call. They are professional but flexible and sing a wide range of songs. Pop in a bit of Billy Joel or a good old Barbara Anne and I'm a happy chappy.
Just waiting to one day hear The Wayward Wind."
- Lyn Durkin

Having been a member of HAH for a couple of years, I reluctantly resigned because of the tyranny of distance. HAH is a great chorus, with a wonderful sense of camaraderie among members - and that's in addition to the great singing and harmonising! I can thoroughly recommend HAH to anybody contemplating joining a barbershop chorus. Whether your interest is in being a member of a chorus, or joining a quartet (or both), you are sure to find it at HAH. There is something very special about being surrounded by men's voices singing in harmony - it has to be experienced to be believed!
- Denis Hawes

My husband and I have been associated with High Altitude Harmony since its' inception. We have participated in their long running Singing Restaurant, which has become a highlight on Toowoomba's cultural and social calendar, and in the Regional competition that they hosted two years ago.

My husband has been made an informal member of this chorus, as has the rest of their quartet, such is the welcoming attitude of this group.

As far as their ladies support group goes, they are second to none in their stalwart attention to detail and positive attitude in their assistance to these men to make HAH a successful and forward moving BBS harmony group.

If you live in Toowoomba or its' surrounds and love to sing close, four part a'cappella/ barbershop, then I would suggest that you pay these friendly and professional people a visit...it may change your life!
- Cath Buckley


Regarding Singing Restaurant
We received an invitation some years ago to attend a singing Restaurant Show presented by H.A.H. in Toowoomba.

Words cannot describe how delighted we were with the presentation by the male Harmony Group. We have attended each year and highly recommend this show.

- Nev. & Ardina Ludwig